The applicant in real life situations

With the HILL Assessment Center to the perfect candidate

HILL searched for Sales Representatives for a company which produces optical lenses with tasks of a Key Account Manager. The client accepted fresh graduates or juniors with less experience but high intellectual potential. The customer also wanted to see the candidates in real life situations within a short time.

According to the job specification of the client HILL Hungary developed a one-day long Assessment Center, focusing on the key competences.

The Assessment Center included group interactions, case studies and individual sales situations as well as market sizing exercises. Five persons were assessed. HILL lead the AC. The team of assessors consisted of the Sales director, the Managing Director and one HILL expert, because the Managing Director cannot speak Hungarian. A part of the AC was in English. Manuals and work books were given to all participants. The first AC was conducted in 2003 and two Sales Representatives were selected.

The customer was very satisfied with the work of HILL. Since the AC was so successful it was repeated twice in 2005. One candidate was selected each time. Since then all candidates have remained at the company. One of them was appointed to a Business Development Manager.