Successful reorganization by identifying potentials

With HILL Management Audits to top trainee managers for a development program

After a strategic planning a large press agency was preparing a restructuring and the transfer of management in several years. Possible management trainees were to be identified within the existing team who would meet the requirements. From 14 pre-selected employees 10 were to be entered into a training program.

HILL was assigned to objectively assess the 14 middle management employees and to select the most suitable 10 with the highest potential for top management and vice management.

In order to assess the candidates HILL applied structured interviews and the HILL Competence Analysis©. A comparison of existing conditions and requirements was conducted, expertises were created and a ranking of the employees was presented. The results served the press agency as an objective assessment of existing HR-potential.

The company was fully satisfied with the work and the selection recommendations of HILL. Therefore the customer partly surprising results enabled him to achieve objectivity for the hitherto subjective assessments as well as a better »outside« view. Due to the success of the project and the good collaboration further assignments followed: coachings, management trainings and an external manager search. The selection of management trainees for the development program will also continue.