Selecting a strategy team for Eastern European expansion

On the road to success with a collude team

An internationally operating industrial concern is concerned for the Eastern European branch; this market should be expanded and for this a well collaborating team is required. The expansion and the associated changes should be accepted and supported by all employees, without employee relationships being damaged.

The employees from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria were to be assessed with the help of HILL Competence Analysis©. Necessary training measures should be derived from the results, to correctly develop the employees and to entrust them with the appropriate assignments. A thus selected team should then work on a strategic plan for the next period of expansion and to stably advance the market expansion.

HILL International carried out Management Audits for every employee comprising of interviews and HILL Competence Analysis©. The results were comprehensively set down in reports and delivered a decision basis for the compilation of the planning team. In addition all candidates received individual feedback. The subsequent strategic planning began with a half-day team briefing, then followed 1.5 days strategic planning in an external seminar hotel.

Through the detailed Management Audits the customer now knows how the employees in his team work and what support the company requires to achieve even better performances. The strategic planning was so conducted that it gained high acceptance and was thus a success. Due to the good resonance further diverse individuals in the customer’s environment were given development potential tests, further Management Audits in other branches are in planning.