International merger successfully carried out

Support the change-process in case of M&A

A large Austrian energy concern buys the controlling interest of a South Eastern European company with ca. 60.000 employees. The integration process requires the assessment of the competences of existing employees and if necessary restructuring.

Due to the HILL Competence Analysis© as well as the long-time market presence, HILL was assigned to test the aptitudes of at first 500, finally ca. 1300 managers and to support and evaluate the necessary change processes in cooperation with the new majority owners.

Together with the local HILL office all details such as official communication within the company, exact wording, time plans etc. were ascertained before the project begin. After an initial phase of getting to know the project team, the professional and very precise operation of the HILL team quickly became a stable factor in a very eventful company environment. Thus HILL could conduct the HILL Competence Analysis© without complications, assess all employees and derive recommendations.

After around 18 months about 800 more people have been assessed as planned in the beginning. The customer was highly satisfied with HILL’s performance and against all expectations not one crisis case has occurred of an employee who felt wrongly judged. The employees could be optimally positioned in the company. Thus the company could lay the basis for a successful common future.