Internal staffing of a new management position

A transparent and objective selection process guarantees motivated employees

An international production- and marketing company seeks a department leader in Austria for its five person computing department who would be accepted by the entire team. Hitherto this department had been led directly by management, this is however no longer possible due to restructuring. The management had decided to staff the new position internally. They see a particular difficulty in the competition between three long-time employees and the acceptance of the selection.

HILL was assigned to objectively and transparently assess the competences of the internal candidates and so enhance the decision acceptance throughout the entire team.

The HILL experts created a requirements profile with the management and established the desired competences of the new department head. The information was relayed to the team and a moderated team discussion took place without participation of the management. One-on-one interviews followed and the potential candidates were identified. All were tested online and simultaneously with HILL_BEST FIT. Additionally an individual Assessment Centre with three assessors also took place (management and two HILL experts). A feedback for the audited persons (individually and in the group) and a team discussion then followed.

The new management position was successfully staffed by HILL. HILL delivered a fundamental basis for decision and made the selection process as transparent as possible. Through the application of HILL_BEST FIT objectivity was achieved and the restructuring met general agreement and high acceptance in the team.