Identifying top managers of tomorrow

Realize strengths and weaknesses with the HILL Competence Analysis©

An Austrian financial services company took over the controlling interest of a Bulgarian company and had to clarify whom in the approx. 55 people in second and third management level (including important specialists) should occupy future higher positions.

HILL was to find out, with the help of HILL Competence Analysis©,  which candidates could be seen as high potentials for a further management career. The assignment also included the evaluation of individual strengths and weaknesses of employees and to ascertain whether the existing personnel were optimally deployed in line with their abilities, what relocations would be advantageous and which people could not be further deployed.

HILL informed the personnel of the upcoming Management Audit and was responsible for its implementation and acceptance as well as the organizational and operative implementation in multiple branches in Bulgaria. Interviews and HILL BEST_FIT were applied as appraisal instruments. Furthermore a comprehensive and confidential individual feedback discussion was offered. HILL Communications Bulgaria prepared comprehensive information on all participants for the customer and could thus quickly and efficiently conclude the implementation of the project in Bulgaria.

HILL appropriately processed the enormous volume of data and could thus deliver to the management a convincing decision basis in form and content.