Identification of sales potential

Blind tested and identified correctly with HILL_BEST FIT  

An international insurance company has set its goal to strengthen the performances of the sales team with the help of an exact analysis of potential. The question was asked what actually defines a successful sales representative. Together with HILL International they started a »blind test« with HILL_BEST FIT to clarify this question.  

Goal of the study was on the one hand to check the validity and correctness of the analysis tool HILL_BEST FIT, on the other hand to receive an extensive profile of the »ideal« sales representative in the insurance branch.  

The corporation divided the salesmen and women into three groups with different sales potential (top, average and below average), without informing HILL about the classification of the individual persons to the three groups. HILL also did not have access to any other information about the salesmen and women. All sales employees absolved the modules personality and sales style of HILL_BEST FIT online, without personal contact to HILL. Subsequently HILL classified all persons into one of the three groups based only on the results of HILL_BEST FIT.  

The different sales groups were clearly defined by HILL only using HILL_BEST FIT. Due to the results in connection with the turnover number competence profiles of the three groups were created and the differences were determined. In summary, successful sales representative has the following characteristics, along with a good sales strategy and technique: outgoing, the ability to assert his/herself, the ability to define his/herself, emotional placidity and stability, discipline and the willingness to adapt to social conventions.  Due to the clear validity of HILL_BEST FIT the company has decided to introduce the procedure.