Identifying of potential board members

HILL offers external support in the decision process

A worldwide operating insurance company usually uses no testing methods for its HR-Development department, but rather only questioning and interviews. Internal Assessment Centres are applied at all hierarchy levels and in especially difficult decision processes additional external support is obtained. Due to an upcoming restructuring potential managers must be identified.

HILL International was assigned to conduct Management Audits for the middle management, to identify those persons possessing management potential.

Based on the requirements profiles and the company guidelines managers from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary were selected for the Management Audits. Then followed a standardised Assessment Centre (half day), led by two HILL experts. For a better estimate of the candidates, a further 360° Feedback was conducted by telephone, for which HILL developed an appropriate questionnaire.

With HILL’s objective methods all targets of the customer could be met and the best-qualified candidates for the highest management levels were presented to the company.