With HILL to a efficient personnel selection

HILL_Online Matching enables an automatic applicant pre-selection

The customer, a large Austrian home-improvement market chain, receives 25.000 - 30.000 applications per year, of which approx. 15.000 are speculative applications. The responsible personnel on location do not have the necessary time and professional skills for an efficient personnel selection.

HILL International was contracted to develop a screening and matching procedure that would support the management in the do-it-yourself-markets in selecting the personnel.

HILL International developed and implemented an online questionnaire based on the requirements, which collected hard as well as soft facts of the applicants, and can be filled out subsequently to the online application form of the customer. The individual results are compared to coded position requirements (requirements specifications) and inspected for compliance (adequacy). The results are saved in a central database and processed for the individual markets. The individual results and the respective compliance ratings with relevant position profiles are available as information to the market managers. After a training period the system could be independently managed, adapted and filled with any number of requirement specifications by the customer.

Due to the implementation of HILL_Online Matching a distinct process improvement in personnel selection was visible. The processing time of incoming applications was reduced by 50%. Further, the interview effort was essentially reduced. The result is an increase in productivity as well as cost reduction (saving of about 5.600 work hours annually). The profound selection of the most ideal applicants secures the added value of the company in the long run. 
The project has been so successful in Austria that the client already uses HILL_Online Matching in 7 other markets (CZ, HU, SK, SI, RO, HR, BG) with local language and standardization.